Judo ("The Gentle Way") was founded by Dr Jigoro Kano in order to develop a martial art into a way of life, and a sport, based on overarching principles concerning the development of physical, mental, and moral culture. The first principle of judo, as articulated by Dr Kano, is "Seiryoku Zenyo" or "Maximum efficency in physical and mental activity."  Sandia Judo Club's goal is to develop its members' awareness of this principle through focused, vigorous, and disciplined study of judo techniques.  The second principle of judo, as articulated by Dr Kano is "Jita Ktoei" or "Mutual benefit and prosperity."  Consequently, an equally important goal of Sandia judo club is to further the greater meaning of the study of judo by developing each member's sense of cooperation, respect, and unity.  Sandia Judo Club's mission is to promote the above principles of Judo, which are essential in striving for the ultimate object of Judo -- "Self-Perfection as a human being."